Group Rules

Patchwork facilitators adhere closely to the following group rules and guidlines in all Patchwork peer support groups. These rules and guidelines exist to support and protect all the members of Patchwork support groups. They allow us to host groups in a safe manner and in an environment free of abusive, aggressive, or discriminatory speech or behavior. Our goal is always to ensure that each person feels safe and valid, and that they have space to listen and share in a manner that affirms and supports their identity.

Safe Space

Patchwork strives to create a safe space in its groups for all members. We enforce a zero tolerance policy for any type of aggressive, abusive, or discriminatory speech or behavior. This includes:

Members are asked to please also be aware of microaggressions, as these can be very triggering. Microaggressions include statements which convery thoughts or emotions that stigmatize a marginalised group. Examples would include:

If such any of the above does occur, the member will first be counseled by facilitators. If the behavior or comments continue, the member will be asked to leave the group until such time as they can interact with members in a meaningful and safe way.

For the safety and security of all members and groups, Patchwork requires that cameras remain on during meetings, without digital backgrounds, overlays, filters, or blurring. Anyone refusing to turn their camera on or using any technology to obscure their face or what is around and behind them during a group call will be removed.

If at any time during a group meeting, a member feels triggered, upset, or uncomfortable with a discussion or something which has been shared or stated, with language that has been used, or with implied or alluded to ideas or situations, they are strongly encouraged to bring their concerns to the facilitator or facilitators of the meeting at the time. Facilitators are empowered within meetings to change or redirect the topic of conversation or use other such means to ameliorate the situation in a manner that maintains the safe space and allows all to feel valid and respected.


Patchwork support groups use the "Vegas rule." What is said in group, stays in group. Sharing details of group member names, identities, images, or likenesses is not allowed. Discussion of group topics or specific shares or comments outside of the group meeting space is likewise not permitted. Within the meeting space, members are to refrain from discussing other members of the group not in attendance, or anything a member has shared previously.

Members of groups are requred to ensure they are in a private place where othes may not see their screen, hear conversations, read chat if enabled, or otherwise allow the group to be observed or overheard by anyone not in the group meeting. Members are strongly encouraged not to attend meetings in public places such as cafes or parks if they can not ensure the privacy of the group.

All recording, screenshots, transcripts, or any other form of copying or archiving any part of support groups or their participants is strictly forbidden. Anyone found to be keeping or saving any part or portion of any group session or thoughts, shares, images, or names of group members will be removed from all Patchwork programs permanently.

Facilitators may, at their discretion, break the confidentiality of the group space if the facilitator reasonably believes that a member is in imminent danger of harming themselves or others. This would include:

Patchwork  collects only anonymous information from groups, including number of attendees per session and general topics of discussion, so that Patchwork may improve its service to the TNBGNCI community. No names, email or IP adresses, or likenesses are recorded except in the instances of those individuals permanently removed from groups for cause. Email addresses used for correspondence with Patchwork, such as to join groups, are held private and never sold or made public, and are not viewable by facilitators.


To maintain the fair and inclusive envorinment of Patchwork peer support groups, all members attending groups agree to the the following conduct to ensure that every member is respected.

Check Your Privilege! 

If a member is counseled by a faclitator relating to a breech of any of these rules or guidlelines, they are encouraged in the strongest manner to pause and consider the situation as stated by the facilitator. Members are asked to take a deep breath and ask themselves qustions such as:

Arguing with a facilitator will only serve to make the space feel less safe for everyone, while counseled members taking time to observe the situation and their role in it may find that they have agency in bettering the situation and can continue in the group in a healthy and safe way.


Patchwork support groups are intended to offer a safe space to process feelings and experiences related to life as a transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or intersex person. Support groups are educational and supportive in nature and offer opportunities for self care only. The groups are not intended, and are in no way meant to offer, render, or represent legal, psychological or health care, or social services advice for any individual or situation. Patchwork support will not be construed to provide legal, medical, mental health or any other type of health or social service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any legal, medical or mental health condition or illness are offered or implied. Peer support groups cannot be a substitute for, or alternative to, treatment when a medical or mental health condition is present, nor for advice of qualified legal counsel. Support group members are advised to seek professional services from licensed attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and health care or intervention or social service professionals, if and when necessary.