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Patchwork is a TNBGNCI-led organization striving to reflect the diverse and intersectional beauty of our community in all aspects of its programs and administration. 


Stephanie Kolton (she/her) is the Founder and Executive Director of Patchwork. 

A former emergencey medical first responder working primarily in socio-economically disadvantaged urban communities, disaster response with a focus on uncivil and austere environments, and international relief and aid work in the global south, Stephanie brings her nearly 20 years of critical crisis intervention and calm, de-escalating demeanor to serve the TNBGNCI community with her characteristic gentility and humor.

In her years facilitating peer support groups, Stephanie witnessed the struggles many of her community members faced in accessing regular support and care, particularly in more underserved parts of the country. Stephanie recognized the urgent need for free access to  peer support as a neccessary tool for the health and wellbeing of transgender comunity.

In 2022, she began facilitating a small group of gender-expansive people in a deep listening circle. She saw how with every discussion, each member grew stronger and more confident in themselves, and how that confidence allowed them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. She knew she had to do more. So in 2023, she created Patchwork, to bring vital peer support to every transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and intersex person in the country. 

Stephanie Joy Kolton (She/Her), Executive Director

Meet the team

Patchwork believes in a collaborative work environment, centering the lived experiences of intersectional and complex marginalized voices, and representing our ideals of a beautiful patchwork community in all our volunteer and administrative staff. 

Marsha P. Johnson (left) and Sylvia Rivera (right), NYC 1969

Board of Directors

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Stephanie Kolton



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Marley Russell


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Jessica Milward


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